Flash Frozen is a Surival Horror Game developed for PC on the Unity Engine. In the game you are trapped on a shipwrecked vessel, haunted and warped by a living ice entity. The player must escape the ship while staying warm and surviving the harsh frozen environment and its many dangers.

The game was one of two winners of the 2013 E3 College Games Competition. It was developed by the University of Wisconsin Stout Game Design & Development Program's Senior 3D Game Design Class.

The team responsible for its production include: Keith Catalano, Josh Herbert, Sam Armstrong, Hassan Javaid, Chase Meyers, Grace Zwiefelhofer, Brandy Boothby, Joe Blumberg, Ryan Klauer, Reece Blaiser, Cody Jernander & Connor VanDyke under the guidance of Dr. Diane Christie & Dave Beck.

A Documentary about the development of the game can be viewed below:

Any Questions? Please e-mail contact[AT]flashfrozengame.com
The Game is now available for free. Please download one of the options below:

PC Version [xbox 360 Controller version] - Torrent
PC Version [Keyboard/Mouse version] - Torrent - Direct Download: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Mac Version [Keyboard/Mouse version] - Coming Soon!